Commercial Applications

SoyMeds has a number of applications.

SoyMeds Vaccines

SoyMeds’ vaccines are administered orally as formulated soymilk, allowing the vaccine to be recognized by mucosal cells and therefore stimulating protection from pathogens that invade mucosal surfaces. SoyMeds’ vaccines have been shown to be stable at room temperature for up to 5 years and do not require refrigeration, offering significant value proposition for developing countries.

SoyMeds Toleragens

While vaccinations stimulate immunity, tolorogens limit immune responses (e.g. those perpetuating autoimmune diseases). Soymeds’ toleragens can be delivered as soymilk therapeutics and will have the potential to limit immune responses associated with food allergies and autoimmune disease.

SoyMeds Diagnostics

Many diagnostics on the market today are extremely costly because they require harvesting from tissues or organs, or alternatively are difficult or impossible to express in traditional expression and purification systems. SoyMeds’ analytical products will offer significant cost and production advantages over current recombinant systems such as E. Coli or tissue culture.